Thankyou Mother Flower


Sisters, Morgan 22 and Ariel 27, are not your typical carefree Gen Y! “Thankyou Mother Flower” sees them embark on a desperate, worldwide fact-finding mission, to help them decide on their future home, because Australia, although considered “the lucky country,” is failing them miserably.


Morgan & Ariel live with a severe chronic illness called Crohn’s Disease. Years of treatment with many dangerous pharmaceuticals, has left them with fragile declining health. They have learnt the hard way, that cannabis is the only medication that works for them; without causing disastrous side effects. The only alternative treatment option offered by doctors to Morgan, is to have her entire bowel removed. A high price which Morgan is not prepared to pay!


They make a life or death decision, after this educational, emotional and thought-provoking expedition; that explores one of the biggest human right’s issues on the planet.